Healing Comfrey + Lavender

Relaxing, calming and healing salve with the gorgeous scent of Italian Lavender.


The combined healing power of Comfrey and Lavender with the soothing properties of Rose.


A heal-all type salve. 


Ideal for children and toddlers*. 


Suggested use:
- cuts and crapes
- bump and bruises
- dry skin
- mild burns
- rashes
- lip balm


Made with 100% organic: extra virgin olive and sunflower oils infused with Comfrey root, lavender flowers and rose petals, bees wax + Italian lavender essential oil.




* while most people will consider this salve very gentle I suggest not using it on very young babies due to the lavender essential oil content in this salve. While Lavender is gentle, any use of essential oils with babies should be done with great caution.


If you are looking for baby salve check the Soothing Calendula, Eczema Relief and Balm of Gilead, all are baby gentle.

Healing Comfrey + Lavender