Creamy Cedar

Fast acting, potent and versatile healing remedy.


Soothing, disinfecting and healing.


Suggested uses:

  • disinfect cuts
  • can be used to treat minor infections
  • sooth itchy insect bites
  • insect repellent
  • anti fungal; use consistently over time
  • cold sores; best when used with first signs and applied frequently


This is a "heal-all" type remedy. People continue to report the effectiveness of this remedy with many different symptoms so be open and experiment.


Smells amazingly like the Cedar forests.

Cedar is calming and refreshing to the mind and stimulating to the immune system.


This salve smells so nice many people enjoy using it as a lotion or perfume.


While Cedar can be sensitizing, some people who know they react to the touch of the tree itself, report they use this salve with no reaction.

As always, if you suspect allergic reaction, please discontinue.



Made with all organic: extra virgin olive oil infused with wild harvested red cedar (thuja plicata) boughs, bees wax, unrefined shea butter 

Creamy Cedar