Did your product texture become grainy?

Some of my products contain raw/unrefined shea butter which is amazingly nourishing. It can however become grainy if melted, such as if it is left in a hot car or in the sun. This is one of the reasons most skin care products use refined shea butter. In my experience however unrefined shea butter is so much more nourishing and worth the inconvenience I chose to use it anyway.

Some people do not mind the slight grainy texture, and if you keep your butter in room temperature you may never encounter this issue. It is however very easy to fix, if desired.

To make grainy shea butter products smooth again:

1. fully melt the product under gentle heat; you can melt it in the hot sun or in your oven on a very low temperature 

2. once melted (and before set!) put the product in the freezer for about 30 min

Enjoy your smooth butter.