Which remedy is best for eczema?

Eczema is often a catchphrase for various skin conditions and as such has no one size fit all solution (is there ever?). Some conditions are skin deep and can be healed by the herbal remedies below, while others may be a manifestation of a deeper issue and thus require a wider healing approach beyond the scope of skin products, yet even then a significant relief can be found by these remedies.


Each of the following remedies has a great potential for healing/relief of eczema. Some conditions will benefit from one better than another while others may be benefitted by either of the three. Here is some description of each remedy to help you choose:

Eczema Relief 

In a word: nourishing.

This remedy is made by a several ingredient which are widely recognized as "good for eczema", namely raw and unrefined shea butter (as the base ingredient) + hempseed oil (not cbd!) infused with Calendula and Chamomile flowers.

The texture is very creamy and is very nourishing. Very gentle and suitable for babies.

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Soothing Calendula

In a word: soothing (I bet you didn't expect that!) + disinfecting (as a secondary action).

Olive oil and raw golden sesame oil infused with Calendula and Chamomile.

Although it has the same plants like the Eczema Relief, this salve is very different. Its primary healing properties are coming from the plants as the oils are strongly infused with the flowers. Very gentle and suitable for babies.

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Creamy Cedar

A powerful strong remedy. Fast acting. Disinfecting. Anti-fungal. Healing. Soothing (although in a different way than the Calendula...). If your eczema has cracks and sores, this may be the best one to try.

This remedy is the one I am most often stopped by people who tell me how it helped their various conditions (eczema and others).

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