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Hi, I'm Yulia

Folk herbalist, medicine maker and plant lover.

I make high quality organic healing skincare you could actually eat

(though I don't necessarily recommend it). 


My name is on each product because I care, truly.

The integrity with which I make each remedy is the integrity with which I live my life.


I use only the highest quality ingredients and practice care and consideration every step of the way.

Some of the core characteristics are outlined below.

High Quality

Each ingredient used is of the finest quality available


Most ingredients used are certified organic or otherwise grown organically by me and others I personally know and trust; on rare occasions we use ingredients of high quality that are not organic, always clearly marked on the label.

HANDMADE in small batched on Cortes Island BC.


We use raw and unrefined oils and botanical butters as I find them deeply nourishing and healing and far superior to refined oils. Read More.



Handmade, fair-trade and unrefined. We use Baraka butter which is the best I yet encountered.


Read about the people who make this wonderful butter on their website.

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Medicinal Plants

The use of healing plants is at the core of each product. When oil is infused with medicinal plants, it changes. An olive oil infused with rose for example feels and smells very different than uninfused olive oil. Its chemical composition changes as well as its healing properties.


I believe wild plants have especially potent medicine. Some of the plants we use, like Cedar and Cottonwood, are locally abundant and we only use these we harvest from the wild.



The freshness and energy or each plant used in the making is highly important. We are in transition to sourcing all plants locally from people I personally trust.

CERTIFIED ORGANIC we use certified organic plants from reputable sources, for these plants that we can not source locally.

Gentle Scents

Our remedies are naturally scented by the combination of flowers, herbs and the scent of the unrefined oils and butters*.


Some products also contain skin healing essential oils of the highest quality. We always keep the scent gentle.



*Note: most products on the market use refined oils and butters which undergo chemical process that strips them of many of the nutrients. One of the main reasons for this practice it to remove the natural smell, thus allowing greater flexibility when adding scents. I prefer to use raw and unrefined oils which are vastly superior in quality and nourishment and add scents that blends synergistically with the oils. 

Image by Ivan Jevtic


We are this planet. What we do to the planet we do to ourselves. 

We practice care and awareness to keep a very low impact on nature every step in the process, from the purchasing of the ingredients, plant harvesting, packaging etc..


Product packaging are recyclable with very little or no plastic.

Shipping materials are either recycled material or recyclable.


We aim to generate as little waste as possible throughout the process.

We use nothing disposable.

Most waste is recycled or composted.